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Meet the Franklin County Team


Jeannie Bartlett
District Manager
Jeannie hails from western Massachusetts, a similarly farmed and forested landscape to Franklin County VT. She began as a Land Treatment Planner in St. Albans in March 2016, working to help Franklin County farmers improve soil and water conservation on their farms and access USDA cost funds. In September 2016 she transitioned to managing the District. Her dream is that people who eat food value farmers not just for the food they produce, but also for the land they steward.
Brodie Haenke
Conservation Specialist

Brodie joined the Franklin Co. Conservation District in 2017 as an ECO*AmeriCorps member, following a year of service with the Missisquoi River Basin Association and the Franklin Watershed Committee. He is originally from St. Paul, MN and gained a passion for natural science, field work, and environmental stewardship while studying Geology at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He now leads the Franklin District's water quality monitoring program and assists farms with nutrient management planning and implementation.

Eliza Letourneau
ECO AmeriCorps Member
Eliza Letourneau is from Addison County, VT and joined the FCNRCD as an ECO AmeriCorps member in September 2019. She studied environmental science at Duke University where she worked on a team researching impacts of gold mining on a river ecosystem and the surrounding communities. She is looking forward to continuing to address water quality and community environmental issues in her home state.
Richard Noel
Richard began serving on the Board in the 1980s. Born in Connecticut to French Canadian parents, soon moved to Vermont to join farming relatives. He started haying when he was 9 years old and has worked on farms all his life. From 1972 to 1999 he ran his own dairy on the headwaters of the Rock River in Highgate, and continued haying until 2017. He likes to help the NRCS and District bring information to farmers. Because he knows the area so well, he brings local knowledge to staff who come from out of state. He still has a 45 acre farm where he sugars and hays. Reach Richard at 802-868-4162.
Phil Parent
Vice Chair
Phil grew up helping his dad on the family farm in Enosburg, and as a high-schooler at Bellows Free Academy he was an active member of FFA and 4-H. On buying the farm from his dad in 1987, Phil quips, “That’s when he saddled me with debt forever.” Before joining the Conservation District in 2000, Phil was involved with a local group helping farmers with record keeping and nutrient management. Today he serves on the District’s board as a way to give a voice to farmers in the community and make a positive difference. Reach him at 802-933-2382.
Eileen Trudell
Eileen became a supervisor in 2015. She grew up on a farm in Fairfield and went on to own and operate a dairy and maple farm with her husband Garry, which they still operate. They have raised four children there and now have one grandchild. Eileen is also a retired dental hygienist after 35 years in the profession. As a Vermont farmer, caring for the environment is just a part of who she is.
Doug Lantagne
Doug is a trained forester and worked for UVM Extension for over 17 years on natural resources issues. On the Board of the Conservation District, he hopes to continue to serve the people of Franklin County related to water quality and natural resources management. The District is important, he says, because it provides support and knowledge to individuals in the county wanting to be better land stewards. Doug lives in Fairfax and began serving for the Franklin District in 2017.
Molly Magnan

Molly grew up in St. Albans. She attended BFA and then UVM, where she received a degree in Chemistry. She worked three years in an environmental testing laboratory in Williston. Since then, she has been teaching physics and environmental science at BFA. Her husband owns and operates a farm with his brothers in Fairfield, on which they raise their three children.

Daton Fleury
Retired from Board
Daton (center) began serving on the District board in 1967 and has farmed all his life. He served because he wanted to see what all the farmers are doing, and help them in any way that he could. At one point, he had the best manure storage system around, because it had a roof on it. This picture is at the close of the Vermont Soil Survey, in 1965. Daton served the District for over 50 years, many of them as the Chair of the Board!