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Programs and Services


Watershed Restoration Program

This program aims to restore aquatic ecosystems to their most stable state for the benefit of human and natural communities. Projects include riparian and floodplain tree plantings, wetland restoration, native lakeshore plantings, road-stream crossing improvements, and habitat enhancement. These projects improve food for fish & wildlife, reduce flood risk, shade streams for coldwater fish species, slow erosion, and filter pollutants out of water bodies.

Agriculture Program

We provide assistance to farms in navigating state requirements and cost share programs to improve soil health and business viability. We provide soil testing, manure testing, and testing to improve fertilizer efficiency. We also assist with Nutrient Management Planning and understanding Regulated Agricultural Practices. We assist all growers: Christmas tree growers, maple sugar producers, vegetable growers, livestock producers, and more. Not sure what assistance we can offer you?  Reach out and we can work with you to find solutions.

Upper Connecticut Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area

A group of partners from Coos and Essex County who identify, mechanically remove and treat Invasive Species in the Connecticut River Valley. Invasives such as Japanese knotweed (bamboo), oriental bittersweet, garlic mustard, buckthorn, Phragmites, and honeysuckle. We are currently working to improve opportunities for local contractors and town crews to be trained in invasive removal and treatment. Got knotweed? Get in touch.

Town Road Management

Assisting Towns with Municipal Roads General Permit requirements and grant applications to manage Hydrologically Connected Road Segments. Developing Capital Budget Plans for implementing roads projects to stay in line with the MRGP. Also working with towns to replace aging infrastructure to restore fish passage and reduce flooding and washouts.

Ensuring Clean Essex County Lakes 

Assisting landowners in improving their lakeshore properties by implementing projects that reduce erosion, improve fish & wildlife habitat, and manage stormwater runoff. When grant funding allows, we provide free Lake Wise evaluations of lake properties. We can pursue grant funding to address identified concerns and improve the integrity of the lake. We take part in Lake Watershed Action Plans in the county, so far including Maidstone Lake (2022), Averill Ponds (2024), and Miles Pond (2024). Interested in an assessment?  Contact us.

The Essex County Tree and Shrub Nursery

Our own native tree nursery located in Ferdinand, VT. The tree stock is grown from seed and sold to conservation organizations for restoration projects.

Hydroseeder Program

Towns may enter a cooperative agreement with the district to have access to a hydroseeder located in Brighton in order to ensure roadsides are properly vegetated to prevent erosion.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Assisting towns in identifying ways to collect and manage stormwater and helping find grant funds to put systems into place.

Development of Tactical Basin Plans for the Passumpsic, Upper Connecticut, and Memphremagog Watersheds 

A program that brings recommendations from State and Federal agencies, watershed partner organizations, planning commissions, municipalities and citizens together in improving water quality, habitat, and flood resilience in the watershed.