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Request to Bid: Lake Watershed Action Plans for Maidstone Lake & Lake Fairlee

The Essex County and White River Conservation Districts are requesting your bid for Lake Watershed Action Plans (LWAPs) on Maidstone Lake and Lake Fairlee. The Conservation Districts are uniquely positioned to aid in the execution of these services with their chosen  consultant while providing critical local support, outreach, and technical assistance to Lake Associations, relevant municipalities, shoreland landowners, and surrounding communities. Conservation Districts have been very supportive of the Vermont DEC Lake Wise Program and are eager to  formalize, expand, and sustain these efforts with lake communities across Vermont.  

We have established relationships with municipalities that can help garner more public support  for Lake Wise and better stewardship for public access areas. Additionally, Conservation Districts regularly develop, fund, coordinate, and implement Best Management Practices  (BMPs) and other Clean Water Projects which are central to implementing priorities from the LWAP and projects identified through the assessments.  

Here you will find bid requests for Maidstone Lake or Lake Fairlee. We combined the bid request to ensure the consistency between Essex County and White River. Bids may be accepted for one or both projects, but they will be reviewed and selected independently by each District.  

We look forward to hearing from you, Heather Johnson (ECNRCD) and Lisa Niccolai (WRNRCD).

Posted September 14, 2021

Maidstone Lake – Improving Water Quality

The ECNRCD received an Ecosystem Restoration Grant to evaluate Lakeshore Owners properties utilizing the LakeWise Program protocols. This program is to educate and inform, as well as demonstrate Best Management Practices on Lakeshore owners Properties. This is strictly a volunteer program. The District and its partners, Nectar and Northwoods Stewardship Center then work to implement the BMPs.

The Essex County Tree and Shrub Nursery

Our own native tree stock nursery located in Brunswick VT. The tree stock is propagated from seed and transplanted into an acre space to use in our Floodplain Riparian Forest program. This would not be possible without the coordination from our AmeriCorps member and the Youth Conservation Corps whom help each year to educate and serve the areas youth through the growing of our nursery stock.

Floodplain Riparian Forest Program

This program aims to re-establish floodplain forest on both private and public land. It enhances habitat connectivity, provides shade for aquatic organisms, and slows erosion from the Connecticut River banks.

Upper Connecticut Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas

A group of partners from Coos and Essex County whom identify, mechanically remove and treat Invasive Species in the Connecticut River Valley. Invasives such as Japanese Knotweed, Oriental Bittersweet, Garlic Mustard, Buckthorn, Phragmites, and Honeysuckle. We are currently working to conduct outreach, to Towns, to prevent the spread of invasives through means of road mowing.

Town Road Inventory

Assisting Towns by identifying Hydrologically Connected Road Segments and developing a Capital Budget and Plan for the next 5 years. Working with the Town Road Foreman and Selectmen to address town road issues and recommending solutions. To decrease sedimentation to streams and improve roads for public safety.

Hydroseeder Program

A 5 year program involving 5 towns aimed at stabilizing ditches and parks with seed and paper mulch by using a Hydroseeder.

Agriculture Program

A yearly program to provide soil testing, manure testing, scouting and fertilizer recommendations on Dairy Farms. As well as, updating Go Crop and assisting with new Regulated Ag Practices. New to this program is assisting Christmas Tree Growers, Maple Sugar Producers, and Vegetable Growers with their current needs.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Assisting towns in identifying areas where Stormwater can be treated and infiltrated either by using a Bio-Retention pond or Rain Garden.

Development of Tactical Basin Plans for the Passumpsic and Upper Connecticut River Watersheds 

A program that brings recommendations from State and Federal agencies, watershed partner organizations, planning commissions, municipalities and citizens together in improving water quality and habitats in the watershed.