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Educational Resources for the vermont Envirothon


1.Aquatics Full Bibliography 2017
2. Bliss Pond Topographic Map
3. Watershed Delineation Guidelines
4. Reading Topographical Maps

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  1. Vermont Woodlands Article
  2. Height and Angle Measuring Devices
  3. Vermont Envirothon Tree List
  4. Climate Change and Adaptation: New England and Northern New York Forests
  5. 2023 Envirothon Forestry Station Study Guide for VT
  6. Forestry Field Kit- Rent for FREE!
  7. Tree Study Lesson Plan for Field Kit

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1. Key to Soil Texture by Feel
2. 10 Key Points About Soil
3. From the Surface Down
4. The Vermont Land Judging Guide
5. Tunbridge Vermont State Soil Information
6. How to Create a Soil Map for Your Envirothon School Team
7. How to Get Site-Specific Info on Natural Soil Drainage Conditions
8. How to Get Site-Specific Info on Act 250 Primary Agricultural Soils
9. How to get Site-Specific Info on Soils and Forest Management
10. How to get Info on Soils and Their Suitability for Soil-based Residential Wastewater Disposal
11.Healthy Soils, Article 1
12.Healthy Soils, Article 2
13. Healthy Soils, Article 3
14. Healthy Soils, Article 4

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1. Wildlife Resources
2. Endangered and Threatened Animals of Vermont
3. Endangered and Threatened Plants of Vermont
4. Wildlife Tracking in Vermont
5. Reptiles and Amphibians of Vermont
6. Habitat Connectivity
7. What are Wetlands? What Are They Worth?

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Vermont Envirothon 2023 Current Issue Guide 

Orals–How to Make an Effective Presentation

Link to videos with examples of current issue presentations is


Rent the water quality monitoring kit for your team for free today!

The LaMotte Earth Force Standard Water Monitoring Kit provides enough materials to test 100 water samples for each of nine water quality parameters, including dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, pH, temperature change, nitrate, phosphate, turbidity, coliform bacteria, and benthic macroinvertebrates. Each test factor module includes step-by-step illustrated instruction cards, color charts, water quality flashcards, and safety information. Instructor’s Manual includes data sheets and guidelines for creating an effective local water quality monitoring program involving both schools and communities. Ideal for students from primary grades through college, as well as citizen monitoring groups.

Continue your reading with the Pond and Brook A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments

Pond and Brook

A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments

by Micheal J. Caduto

Designed specifically for the amateur naturalist and filled with hands-on projects and activities, Pond and Brook introduces the readers to the intriguing world of freshwater life. Michael Caduto’s keen eye investigates all common freshwater environments, from wetlands and deep lakes to streams and vernal ponds. An important feature of the book is its holistic approach to both living and non-living components of freshwater environments, and how they fit together to weave an ecological whole. Readers will learn the unique properties of water, the basic principles vital to understanding aquatic life, and the origin of freshwater habitats.

Rent the Forestry kit for your team for free today !

Gain a new appreciation for forests and trees! Kit includes a Tree Finder illustrated manual to determine species, a tangent height gauge and 50m measuring tape to figure heights, and a diameter tape. Study annual growth rings by extracting a core sample with a professional model 8˝ increment borer (with 10 core holder cards). Students can also determine the volume of wood in a tree by using the tree scale stick. Also includes biodegradable roll flagging and stake wire flags to delineate research areas, six plastic handheld magnifiers, six packs of six tree cookies, six 12˝ rulers, and carrying case.

Easily Identify the Trees You Find, Even in Winter!

This essential guide by celebrated ecologist May Theilgaard Watts helps readers enjoy getting to know trees, even in winter when the leaves have fallen from the branches. With this handy, easy-to-use book, you’ll be able to identify the trees around you in no time.

Features include:

  • Key to identifying deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves in the winter) by looking at twigs, buds, fruits, and other features
  • Explanations of the structure of twigs
  • Information about habitats and ranges of native and some widely introduced trees
  • Illustrations with the author’s line drawings

Identify native (and some widely introduced) trees of the United States and Canada, east of the Rocky Mountains. 

Features include:

  • A dichotomous key, leading the user through a series of simple questions about the shape or appearance of different parts of a tree
  • Includes 161 species
  • Illustrated with line drawings
  • Small (6- by 4-inch) format that fits in a pocket or pack to take along on a hike

Rent the soils analysis kit for your team for free today!

Dig into 7 soil analysis experiments designed to expose scientific properties of loam, silt, clay, sand, and other types of soil!

Rent the Tracking the art of seeing book, wildlife tracking ID card, and ruler for your team free today!

In this newly revised and updated edition of his highly acclaimed field guide, renowned nature photographer and tracking expert Paul Rezendes brings the fields and forests to life with his unique observations on North American wildlife and their tracks and sign. Illustrated with hundreds of his original photographs, Tracking & the Art of Seeing provides complete information on the behavior and habitat of over 50 animal species and shows you how to identify animals by their tracks, tail patterns, droppings, dens, scratches and other signs.