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Conservation Overview

Click here for a general overview of conservation practices, learn about watersheds, and discover ways you can contribute to conservation efforts.

Forestry Facts for Private Landowners

With private landowners controlling 80% of Vermont’s forest land ( it is important for conservation districts and landowners to work together to protect and preserve Vermont’s landscape.  Natural Resources Conservation Districts (NRCDs) around the state offer programs and resources for landowners to help encourage conservation efforts.

Conservation District and Richford campers create a “Locals’ Nature Guide”

This week the Franklin County Conservation District released the second edition of a nature guide created with help from Richford NOTCH day campers. A first edition of “The Locals’ Nature Guide to the Richford Playground” was released in 2017 and featured over 30...

How are your trees?

Here’s a question for you: How are the trees you purchased from our tree sale doing? Every year we distribute thousands of stems through our sale, but rarely do we hear of the lives these trees go on to live (or not live.) There are two reasons we want to know how...

Berkshire farmer works to restore stream

In the Lake Champlain Basin, water defines our landscape. The erosive force of water carves out steep drainages along our mountain faces, adding definition to the Green Mountains’ most iconic peaks. It forms the valleys we inhabit, where the water can spread out, slow...