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Conservation Overview

Click here for a general overview of conservation practices, learn about watersheds, and discover ways you can contribute to conservation efforts.

Forestry Facts for Private Landowners

With private landowners controlling 80% of Vermont’s forest land ( it is important for conservation districts and landowners to work together to protect and preserve Vermont’s landscape.  Natural Resources Conservation Districts (NRCDs) around the state offer programs and resources for landowners to help encourage conservation efforts.

Willow Staking for Bank Stabilization and Water Quality

By Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation During the final week of March 2021, the Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District was out harvesting, trimming, and installing native willow stakes for a streambank restoration project in Fairfax along...

Installing Livestock Exclusion Best Management Practices Reduces Phosphorus

The Morin farm is in the town of Holland within the Stearns Brook watershed. Stearns Brook flows northeasterly and is listed on the VT Dept of Environmental Conservation 2016 stressed waters list for agricultural and gravel road runoff and morphological instability....

Windham County Conservation District Tackles Vermont’s Second Greatest Threat

Windham County Forester Sam Schneski and Jack Minich, Americorp Intern with Vermont Land Trust demonstrate the use of buckthorn baggies at a demonstration site.  In 1950, ecologist Charles Elton first used the militaristic term “invasion” to label the attack by...