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Conservation Overview

Click here for a general overview of conservation practices, learn about watersheds, and discover ways you can contribute to conservation efforts.

Forestry Facts for Private Landowners

With private landowners controlling 80% of Vermont’s forest land ( it is important for conservation districts and landowners to work together to protect and preserve Vermont’s landscape.  Natural Resources Conservation Districts (NRCDs) around the state offer programs and resources for landowners to help encourage conservation efforts.

Peacham Pond Community Member Receives Lake Wise Award

By Emily Finnegan, Caledonia County Natural Resources Conservation District Phone: (802-424-3149), Email: Mark Milazzo’s determination to protect the clean water of Peacham Pond, where he owns shoreland property, earned him recognition...

Project will restore natural floodplain in Clarendon

By Keith Whitcomb Jr. Staff Writer Work is underway to restore a section of the Cold River’s floodplain in Clarendon and is expected to be completed within weeks. CLARENDON — Work is underway to restore a section of the Cold River’s floodplain, allowing the land to...


In August 2021, the Johnsons Mill Dam was removed from the Bogue Branch in Bakersfield, VT. The project was managed from start to finish by the Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District. This project was designed to restore natural stream flow and...