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Conservation Overview

Click here for a general overview of conservation practices, learn about watersheds, and discover ways you can contribute to conservation efforts.

Forestry Facts for Private Landowners

With private landowners controlling 80% of Vermont’s forest land ( it is important for conservation districts and landowners to work together to protect and preserve Vermont’s landscape.  Natural Resources Conservation Districts (NRCDs) around the state offer programs and resources for landowners to help encourage conservation efforts.

Conservation Needs *You*

The holidays are over, but one song is still playing through my head: All I want for Christmas is you. Because your participation – above and beyond what you’re already doing – is what we most want here at the Conservation District. Probably you are already doing something to steward our natural resources – maybe you …

Buttonbush for Butterflies and Awesome Aronia

Buttonbush has one of the most unique flowers of any shrub, and butterflies think so too. Aronia’s blueberry-sized black fruits have the highest known levels of antioxidants (anthocyanins and flavonoids) of any temperate fruit, five times higher than cranberry and blueberry, and contain strong anticancer compounds. Both are Vermont natives with wildlife benefits that have earned them spots as our featured discounted shrubs this spring.

Tile Drainage: Good or Bad?

Tile drainage can have many benefits. By more quickly draining extra water from a field, the field can be accessed sooner for planting, crop roots can grow farther down, compaction is reduced, and soil moisture is more often optimal for crop growth. These soil health improvements are key for maintaining productivity in the face of more frequent, intense precipitation and droughts we’ve …