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Vermont Envirothon

Covid-19 Update: The 2020 and 2021 Envirothon competitions have been canceled due to school closures in Vermont. Thank you for your support and please check back in Fall 2021 for updates on the 2022 Envirothon! Thank you and stay well!

For more information or questions, email info@vacd.org.

Vermont Envirothon 2020 Brochure

Hands-on natural resource education for Vermont high school-aged students.

Do you want to excite your students about the outdoors? Do they love nature and the natural world? Do you want to help connect them to the natural resources in their community? If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions above, we would like to invite you to help them participate in the Vermont Envirothon.

The Vermont Envirothon helps students focus on Vermont’s environmental issues related to forestry, wildlife, soils and water resources through real-world learning in a teamwork environment. It is co-sponsored by a variety of agencies and organizations working in natural resource conservation.

The program provides an opportunity for hands-on field experiences and activities with professionals in the field. It’s a way for high school-aged students to actively learn more about the natural world around them while they work together. Students learn to incorporate science-based investigations in helping to explore environmental issues.

An Envirothon Team consists of five students plus one alternate who are mentored by a coach. A coach can be a teacher, school administrator, youth group leader, or even a parent who has an interest in working with young people and natural resources. (Your entire class or group can participate in learning about Vermont’s natural resources by participating in the program. However, only 2 teams per school/group can compete at the event in May.

Once a team is formed, teams register by filling out the form on the back of this brochure and sending it in with a check for the appropriate amount. You will then receive a resource guide that covers the four main areas of the Envirothon: forestry, wildlife, soils and water resources. There will also be information on a fifth area called the “Current Issue.” This is a real-world issue or problem that the environmental community is attempting to solve that relates to all of the four main interest areas of the Envirothon. The job of an Envirothon coach is to help the team learn the concepts and lessons provided in the materials as well as aid them in preparing a community-based project/speaking presentation on the current issue. Registration is suggested as soon as possible to provide maximum time for preparing for the culminating event.

To help you coach, we can connect you with resource professionals who can offer to take you out in the forests and fields to look closer at the concepts you are learning. A training day for all Envirothon teams takes place in April (at Marsh Billings Rockefeller NHP and Billings Farm & Museum in Woodstock) providing you with the opportunity to meet other coaches and high school level students who are also interested in the natural world. At the event in May, the team that demonstrates the greatest overall knowledge is selected to represent Vermont at the North American Envirothon.

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Congratulations to the 2019 Vermont Envirothon winner, Bellows Falls Union High School!

2019 VT Envirothon results:

  • 1st Place Overall: Bellows Falls Union High School
  • 2nd Place Overall: Stafford Forestry Team #2
  • 3rd Place Overall: Randolph Technical Career Center Team #2
  • Aquatics: Bellows Falls Union High School
  • Forestry: Bellows Falls Union High School
  • Soils: Bellows Falls Union High School
  • Wildlife: Missisquoi Valley Union High School
  • Current Issue: Stafford Forestry Team #2
  • Virginia Collins Team Spirit Award: South Burlington High School Team #1

Thank you to all students, teachers, volunteers and participants in this years Envirothon for making it a success!