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2022 Tree, Plant and Trout Sales

All tree and trout sales are now closed. Check back in early 2023!

Natural Resources Conservation Districts are dedicated to hosting their annual sales in support of the health and safety of their customers and in compliance with Vermont state COVID-19 guidelines. We will update this page on a regular basis to reflect changes to these events and current recommendations. VACD recommends reaching out to Conservation Districts directly with questions on specific events.

Annual tree, shrub, plant, and trout sales take place throughout the state of Vermont each spring. These events have a long tradition and are an excellent resource for native species planting, supporting local economies, and district fundraisers.


Photos are from the 2017 Franklin County Conservation District tree sale preparation day.

Questions on how to plant and care for your your trees, shrubs, or plants? Check out this quick guide! Contact you local Conservation District for specific questions.


Franklin County NRCD

The Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District has been holding a spring tree sale at least as long as our Board can remember – and that goes back to 1978! New this year are bat, bird, and insect houses to attract and provide shelter for wildlife. These are offered in addition to seed mixes, evegreen softwoods, deciduous hardwoods, conservation shrubs, nut and fruit trees, berry producing plants, and trout for private ponds.

  • To place an order and view available stock, please visit our website.
  • All orders must be placed by April 1. 
  • Pickups available in Highgate and Montgomery between Friday, May 6 (afternoon to evening) and Saturday, May 7 (mid-day). 
  • For questions, contact Lauren Weston, District Manager,, 802-528-4176.
  • We also offer a Trout Sale that will be held on Tuesday May 3; pre-orders required and due by April 22. More information available here. 


Lamoille County NRCD

  • To place an order and view available stock, please visit our website.
  • All orders for trees must be placed by April 22. All orders for trout must be placed by April 30.
  • Tree pickup in Morrisville on Saturday, April 30, 10:00a.m. – 12:00p.m.
  • Orders of 6‐8” trout must be picked up on May 4 between 12:00 and 1:00p.m. at Oxbow Park. Orders of 10‐12” trout will be delivered by the trout farm any time on the afternoons of May 4 or May 5.
  • For questions, contact Peter Danforth, District Manager,


Orleans County NRCD

  • Find the order form online here.
  • All orders must be placed by April 1.
  • Pickup at the Barton Fair Grounds at 273 Roaring Brook Road, Barton, Vermont on May 7.
  • For questions, contact Sarah Damsell, District Manager,


Otter Creek NRCD

  • Order online here.
  • All orders must be placed by April 15.
  • Pickup at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury on May 7, 9:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. Early or late pickups may be arranged in advance.
  • For questions, contact Pam, District Manager,, 802-771-3037.


Poultney Mettowee NRCD

This year the Poultney Mettowee Natural Resource Conservation District is offering a variety of native trees and shrubs for landscaping or naturalizing, native edible plants, types of fruit trees (apple, peach, pear, and cherry), berries (blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry), and root crowns (asparagus and rhubarb).

Beyond plants, we have a PMNRCD calendar, with photos taken by local photographer Scott MacLachlan, PMNRCD staff, and local producers from around the watershed, and a Vermont wildflower and grass seed mix. Calendar is available for early pick up.

  • To place an order and view available stock, please visit our website.
  • All orders must be placed by April 10. If ordering after March 10, please inquire about availability before sending payment and placing an order.
  • Pickup at Champlain Valley Native Plant Restoration Nursery, 685 York Street, Poultney, VT, 05764.
  • For questions, contact Sadie Brown, Nursery Manager,, 802-287-6606.


Rutland County NRCD

The Rutland Natural Resources Conservation District is offering their Spring Trout Stocking Program which includes rainbow and brook trout!

  • To place an order and view available trout stock via the order form.
  • All orders must be placed by May 18.
  • Trout pickup at the Russell Corporation Parking Lot (behind McDonald’s) on Allen Street, Rutland on May 21 from 12:30-1:30PM.
  • For further information or questions please contact: Nanci McGuire at 802-775-8034 ext.117 or


Windham County NRCD

Windham County NRCD is excited to be partnering with the Southeast Chapter of UVM Master Gardeners. This partnership will bring expert input into our sale planning process and provide customers with access to experts for questions about choosing, planting and maintaining plants. The 2022 sale offers 68 varieties of plants and accessories, including conifers, wildlife shrubs and trees, fruit trees, fruit plants and perennials.

  • To place an order and view available stock, please visit our website.
  • All orders must be placed by April 29. However, many items sell out by the early March so customers are advised to order early.
  • Pickup at Green Mountain Orchards in Putney on May 7 (9:00AM – 12:00PM).
  • For questions, contact Cory Ross, District Manager,, 802-689-3024.
  • Customers are encouraged to place orders online using our website. Using the website allows us to update our available inventory in real time and avoid placing an order we cannot fill. We are happy to still accept orders by mail and will contact customers if ordered items sell out to arrange replacement or refund. Those ordering by mail should plan to do so before the end of March.
  • Windham NRCD follows State of Vermont Health Departement Guidance for our staff and all public events. This guidance will no doubt change betwee now and May, so customers will be advised of pick-up day procedures later this spring.


Winooski NRCD

This year the Tree Sale theme is pollinators. We are offering 30 species of trees and shrubs with a focus on plants with benefits for pollinators. New offerings this year include nuttonbush, American sycamore, yellow birch, gray dogwood and more!

  • To place an order and view available stock, please visit our website.
  • All orders must be placed by March 31. 
  • Pickup in Berlin and Williston on April 30 (morning).
  • For questions, contact
  • Staff and volunteers at distribution sites will be fully vaccinated and wearing masks, and we require that customers wear masks when they come to to pick up their order regardless of vaccination status.