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About the Essex County NRCD

The ECNRCD is organized as a local non-profit that coordinates with organizations and state and federal agencies in the County’s 13 towns, three unified towns, two gores, and one grant to encourage and support the integrity of land use practices and ensure environmental quality in Essex County through implementing appropriate, cost-effective programs.

ECNRCD receives a small amount of core funding from the State of Vermont through via the state agency called the Natural Resources Conservation Council. This core state funding is used to leverage additional resources to support staff and programing through fundraising and grant writing. We are rooted in the community through five unpaid elected supervisors, and have a unique ability to identify resource needs and coordinate at the local level. We have extensive partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies, and private partners.

ECNRCD offers a resource to landowners, farmers, schools, and businesses through their efforts with water quality, agriculture, education and other community conservation projects. In addition, Conservation Districts have focused on areas of interest including connectivity and restoration of floodplain forests, watershed planning, water quality issues, invasive species eradication, soil surveys, and agricultural non-point source pollution control. Conservation Districts offer a unique and powerful vehicle for citizens to become involved with local conservation work and establish programs that protect their environment.

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