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Conservation Practices Roadside Signs

Do the people driving down your road recognize cover cropping when they see it? Do they notice a field where “no-till” planting is building soil health, and do they appreciate the importance of growing permanent grass especially on our most vulnerable soils? As you drive around your watershed, can you point to stream-banks where the natural vegetation has been restored?

New roadside signs made available by the Franklin County Conservation District are available this spring to celebrate examples of such conservation practices. The tag-line, “For my land, for our water” conveys the benefits the landowner sees in soil health, stream-bank stabilization, and crop productivity, as well as the water quality benefits that everyone appreciates.


cover crop

Give the gift of recognition

Purchase these signs for your own farm, or for your neighbor! If you don’t personally know a farmer you would like to buy a sign for, simply check “Deliver these signs to a farmer of the Conservation District’s choice.” Your local Conservation District will give them as a gift on your behalf to a farmer who exemplifies one of the best instances of this practice. Learn more about the promoted conservation practices.


With grant support from the Agency of Agriculture, these full-color, two-sided 18×24” lawn signs are available for just $5. You can order online, by calling 802-528-4176, or by submitting this order form with your payment. Signs can then be picked up in St. Albans or Conservation District offices statewide. There may be up to a three week delay in availability of signs outside of Franklin County.

Placement and storage considerations:

  • Place signs more than 14 feet from the white line of any state roads or they will be picked up by the state highway crews. Restrictions on town roads may vary.
  • Place your signs where they will be visible from the road, and not blocked by growing vegetation.
  • Remove and store your signs when the practice you are advertising is no longer obviously visible (e.g. cover crop has been terminated.)
  • Remove and store your signs before winter. With proper care, signs should last two or more seasons.
  • Take a picture with the sign, the practice you are promoting (and yourself, if you wish!) and send it to We will use your pictures to further promote the good work.

Future Designs

Additional designs are in progress and will be available later this summer and in coming years. We are considering creating signs for practices including:

  • Using a Nutrient Management Plan
  • Manure injection
  • Rotational grazing
  • Fencing livestock out of surface water
  • Grassed waterways

We welcome you to write to if you have a suggestion for which signs we create next.