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NRCC Clean Water Design and Implementation Block Grant

Request for Applications (RFA)

The State Natural Resources Conservation Council (NRCC), in partnership with Vermont’s Conservation Districts and VACD, is pleased to announce a request for applications for projects under the NRCC Clean Water Projects Design and Implementation Block Grant funded by the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. NRCC has approximately $1,172,000 available in project costs from Vermont’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to support the design and implementation of clean water projects throughout the state of Vermont. Eligible project types include the preliminary and final engineering design as well as implementation of rivers, lake shoreland, stormwater, and forestry projects. 1/3 or more of total funding will be awarded to projects with a cost of $50,000 or less, not including match and program delivery costs. Match requirements depend on project type, land type, and location. Applicants should consult page 22 of the FY21 Clean Water Initiative Program Funding Policy to verify match/leveraged funds requirements.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the program manager, Holden Sparacino (, with any questions prior to submitting an application. Applicants are encouraged to work with and/or collaborate with their local Conservation District when submitting an application.

Applications are reviewed by a committee of representative from Vermont Association of Conservation Districts, Watersheds United Vermont, and Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission. The Committee uses this evaluation form to review projects. Applicants are encouraged to review the evaluation form and be sure the review criteria are included in their final evaluation.

Please note that while NRCC has received notice of this award, we are awaiting final execution of signatures currently. NRCC anticipates this process will be completed prior to award notifications as outlined by the anticipated timeline below.

All final invoices, reports, and project deliverables must be completed and submitted before October 1, 2023.

The Early Round is intended for projects where work will begin before August. All other projects should use the Primary Round. Given the short timeline, DEC Programs may need additional time to review projects. DEC reviews may occur after the June 18 deadline to allow adequate time for DEC reviews, and applicants in these cases should describe in their application(s) which staff they are in contact with, and applicants can follow up with finalized DEC reviews during the awarding/contracting process.

Anticipated Timeline

  • RFA Released: June 10, 2021
  • Early Round Projects (projects to be completed in calendar year 2021 only): Due June 18
  • Primary Round Projects: Due July 5
  • Anticipated Announcements: June 25 for Early Round, July 23 for Primary Round
  • All Projects must be completed by: October 1, 2023

Program Guidelines and Application Details

Please review these resources prior to filling out/submitting your application.

Application Forms and Attachments