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Water Testing

Farm Drinking Water Program Offered by Vermont Association of Conservation Districts

Vermont Farm Drinking Water Program is a free drinking water protection program for farms and includes voluntary assessments to determine how current farming practices and structures may pose a risk to the farm’s drinking water. Free water testing of farm wells provides information on bacteria, nitrates and common pesticide levels. If a water quality problem is found, Agricultural Resources Specialist staff will assist the landowner in trying to determine the cause of the contamination and work with the landowner to find the best solution.

By taking the lead in preventing pollution, farmers can protect the health of family members, help avoid possible additional regulation, and protect the environment. The Vermont Farm Drinking Water Program is offered free to farmers who chose to participate.

What is it and how does it work?

A FREE drinking water protection program for Vermont farmers

Free well water quality testing for bacteria, nitrates and common pesticides

Follow-up assistance is provided for implementing recommendations selected by farmer

  • Staff will work with the farmer to implement corrective actions of farmer’s choice
  • Staff will make connections with appropriate partners such as NRCS, FSA, VAAFM, UVM Extension
  • Staff will also research and recommend appropriate funding sources for the chosen practices

Am I eligible to participate?

Provided to agricultural producers. If you are not a farmer but have a water quality concern related to farming please call your Agriculural Resource Specialist about options.

Agricultural Resource Specialist (ARS) Staff:

Other Information and resources for testing water supplies