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Programs and Services

Stormwater Master Planning

Current project areas:

  • Town of St. Johnsbury
  • Dishmill Brook Watershed (Draining Burke Mountain)
  • Town of Lyndon (new 2016)
  • Town of Hardwick (new 2016)

Stormwater Master Planning is an effort to identify and prioritize water quality problems associated with developed areas, and develop corrective measures to minimize the impact of stormwater and erosion on water quality.

Town of St. Johnsbury Western Ave Stormwater Retrofit Project

Caledonia County NRCD is working with Dufresne Group and the Town of St. Johnsbury to install an underground stormwater treatment unit at an outfall along Western Ave, draining stormwater from the “Westside” area, a 130-acre drainage of stormwater that discharges to the Sleepers River.

Road Erosion Inventory and Capital Budget Planning

Caledonia County NRCD has completed Road Erosion Inventories for the towns of Burke and Newark, and is currently working with the towns of Danville and Waterford in 2016. These inventories help towns identify, prioritize and budget for road erosion projects, culvert replacements and failing road embankments near streams. This effort also helps target projects that are having an impact on water quality

Fish Passage Projects/Culvert Replacements

Undersized culverts that are not passing fish (with “perched outlets”) have been the focus of recent efforts. Caledonia County NRCD has helped towns fundraise for culvert replacements, coordinating engineering and construction funds on behalf of towns, and helping to install structure that improve habitat and are flood resilient.

Trees for Streams

This ongoing program offers landowners with streamside frontage the design, coordination and implementation of a vegetated stream buffer. Buffers provide root mass for stability and floodplain function, improved habitat, a filter for nutrients to protect water quality and a number of other benefits.

Portable Skidder Bridge Rental Program

Providing rentals of portable skidder bridges for logging operations, hosted at TRG Log Yard in East Burke.