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Spring Tree Sale 2018

Welcome to the Franklin County Conservation District’s annual spring tree sale!

We are no longer accepting orders for this year. Please check back again in January – February 2019. Please call 802-528-4176 with questions. Thank you for your interest!

If you have already placed your order, pick-up will be from 8:30am – 1:30pm on Saturday, May 5th at the Franklin County Field Days (294 Airport Rd., Highgate, VT). Any orders not picked up during that time will be forfeited; if you cannot make the pick-up time please make arrangements with a friend or neighbor.

When you come to pick up your trees this year, plan to stay and learn! At tree sale pickup this year we will have:

  • tree planting and care demonstrations and information
  • a sandbox-style, dynamic stream model
  • a “rainfall simulator” showing rain’s erosive power on different soil, crop and lawn types
  • farm equipment
  • tree protectors, fertilizer pellets, and a limited amount of additional native trees and plants for sale

Thanks to the Missisquoi River Basin Association, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Franklin & Grand Isle Farmers’ Watershed Alliance, and UVM Sea Grant for making this day a festival of learning!

Volunteer for the Conservation District and receive 20% off your order

Our tree sale relies on a dedicated team of volunteers. The day of the sale volunteers retrieve orders for customers, track inventory, manage our table of educational materials, clean the barn, and more. We also need help pre-bagging orders in the week before the sale. Volunteers receive 20% off their order! We are also looking for volunteers any time of year to serve on the Board, host a natural resources brainstorming session with your neighbors and friends, monitor water quality in streams, or plant trees. To volunteer, call 802-528-4176 or email Thank you!

Financial assistance available for restoration projects

The Franklin County Conservation District has access to a number of grant programs and other funding sources for ecological restoration. Planting trees alongside streams is particularly important, because the plants provide shade that cools the stream’s water temperature, help reduce streambank erosion, provide wildlife habitat on the banks, and allow the stream to access its floodplains. We can also help with wetland restoration projects if you have an area of lawn, pasture or crop-field that is frequently wet. Depending on your site, you may be eligible for free trees, site design, installation, and possibly even payments to you as the landowner!

History of the Franklin County Tree Sale

The Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District has been holding a spring tree sale at least as long as our Board can remember – and that goes back to 1978! The primary goal is to make native trees and backyard fruit trees affordable and accessible in our community, and it is also a fundraiser for our conservation programs and education. We are proud to source almost exclusively from Vermont and New York, with only occasional gaps filled by growers in other regions. This ensures the trees we sell you will be appropriate for our climate, and supports our local land-based economy. In 2017 we sold 3,600 stems of 46 different species to over 130 customers. Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you and your trees this year!



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$6 Shrubs for Songbirds!

Bird in dogwood

Dogwood and viburnum were the first shrubs Bridget Butler, “the Bird Diva,” planted in her backyard, so we’re offering them to you at a discount! Click here to read Bridget’s story.