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Spring Tree Sale 2020

Welcome to the Franklin County Conservation District’s annual spring tree sale! The sale is by pre-order only.

As of April 6, 2020 we are no longer accepting orders for this year’s sale. Let us know if you’d like information about next year’s!

Pick-up days to be determined, but between Wednesday April 29th and Wednesday May 6, Franklin County Field Days grounds – 294 Airport Rd., Highgate, VT

We are working out systems to still unite people with their tree orders this spring in the context of COVID-19. As such we are making many adjustments to our process, including:

  • Sales closed April 5th at 10pm instead of April 17th. This gives us the extra time needed to organize receipt and distribution of the trees.
  • We cannot accept volunteers for our tree sale this year, except to pick-up another customer’s trees and deliver them to their house.
  • We will be making changes to our pickup system, including expanding pickup over a series of days. You may be asked to pickup on a specific day other than Saturday May 2nd. We will keep in touch with all our customers to let you know our plans and your options. Feel free to call us if you have specific questions about pickup logistics or your safety through pickup.
  • Overstocks will not be for sale at pick-up – they will be donated to local nurseries and nonprofits.
  • If you have placed an order and wish to cancel because of COVID-19, please let us know as soon as possible and we will refund your order. Because all our orders with nurseries were placed in the early winter, we are not able to cancel our orders with our suppliers – if you choose to cancel and you are able, please consider making a donation to support our unrecovered costs. We cannot issue refunds for cancellations made after April 19th.
  • As with many businesses and organizations, COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the cashflow of this program including higher organizational costs, lost revenue and lost payment processing fees on refunded orders. Our mission is to make trees affordable and available in our community, and to support the local growers who provide them. If you are able, please consider a donation.

We’re sorry to have to make these changes and we thank you for your flexibility. We’re grateful to still be able to connect you with the trees you ordered, and we hope they bring you hope and health.

As always, feel free reach out with any questions. Our office is open via remote only until the COVID-19 Stay Home Stay Safe order is lifted. To reach us, please email or call phone: 802-528-4176. We look forward to seeing you and your trees!

Volunteer and receive up to 20% off your order

Our tree sale relies on a dedicated team of volunteers. The day of the sale volunteers retrieve orders for customers, track inventory, manage our table of educational materials, clean the barn, and more. We also need help pre-bagging orders in the week before the sale. Volunteers receive 20% off their order! We are also looking for volunteers any time of year to serve on the Board, glean produce from farms, monitor water quality in streams, or plant trees. To volunteer, call 802-528-4176 or email Thank you!

How are your trees growing? Get $2 off for completing our survey!

Your data will help us figure out how to help increase survivorship and successful growth of your trees, and it may provide the opportunity for outside organizations to sponsor trees (improving their carbon footprint and providing you with more free trees!) Read more here, or take the survey!

Free trees available for restoration projects

If you are interested in planting 50 or more trees and shrubs, you may be eligible for free or discounted trees!

Planting trees alongside streams is one of the most important things we need to do to restore fishable, swimmable waters in Franklin County, so there are a number of funding sources the District can help you access to do that. Stream-side tree plantings provide shade that cools the stream’s water temperature, reduce streambank erosion, provide wildlife habitat on the banks, and allow the stream to access its floodplains.

Stream-side aren’t the only areas that may be eligible for free trees. If you are interested in planting windbreaks, shade trees for livestock, wetland restorations, agroforestry projects, or other medium- to large-scale plantings contact the District. Routine Christmas tree plantings are generally not eligible.

Depending on your site, you may be eligible for free trees, site design, installation, and possibly even payments to you as the landowner! Call 528-4176 or email Jeannie to learn more.

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Grow Your Own Mushrooms and Build Soil

Part of what gives mushrooms their rich flavors is the high concentration of important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they contain. And, with a little care, you can grow your own! Mushrooms also build fungal networks in the soil that can improve neighboring plants’ access to vital nutrients. This year we’re offering spawn for shiitake mushrooms, which are grown on logs, and wine cap mushrooms, which are grown in woodchip mulch. Wine caps grow well under raspberries, in garden borders, or other areas you might mulch anyway. Check out our Mushroom Growing page to learn more!

Raise Trout in your Pond

Every spring the District offers trout for stocking ponds. Bags of 25 6-8″ fish are sold for pick-up, and lots of 50 10-12″ fish can be delivered to your pond. Check out our Trout Sale page to learn more!

History of the Franklin County Tree Sale

The Franklin County Natural Resources Conservation District has been holding a spring tree sale at least as long as our Board can remember – and that goes back to 1978! The primary goal is to make native trees and backyard fruit trees affordable and accessible in our community, and it is also a fundraiser for our conservation programs and education. We are proud to source almost exclusively from Vermont and New York, with only occasional gaps filled by growers in other regions. This ensures the trees we sell you will be appropriate for our climate, and supports our local land-based economy. In 2018 we sold 5,300 stems of 46 different species to over 150 customers. Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you and your trees this year!
Survivorship Survey

Complete our survey, and receive $2 off your order! Thank you!

Planting Tips & Info

Make sure you’re ready for your trees and berries with both general and species-specific planting and care information.


See full descriptions of all the trees, shrubs, and wildflower seed mixes we offer.


Trout Sale

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Grow Mushrooms!

Buy supplies for growing your own winecap or shiitake mushrooms, and sign up for our April workshop!