Programs and Services

Erosion Control Workshops

Sediment is the world’s #1 pollutant. During storms, disturbed soils erode and wash into streams, rivers, lakes, and wetlands, threatening drinking water, fish, and wildlife, and recreational uses.

Lamoille County Conservation District provides Field Days as a combined effort between private and public sectors to share information that is immediately useful to all who attend, and promote a better understanding of the latest erosion control tools and techniques.

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Lamoille Valley Farm & Forest Initiative

LCCD supports the working landscape and advocates for a farm and forest lands-based economy of the Lamoille River Watershed through the Lamoille Valley Farm and Forest Initiative (LVFFI). The initiative is comprised of a series of projects that support the working landscape, whether farming or forestry. Through this initiative, a Local Producers Guide was created to support the localvore movement in Lamoille County. More recently with the passing of the Vermont Clean Water Initiative, LCCD provides information and program support to a variety of stakeholders identified in the initiative. These include farmers on the new Required Agricultural Practices through the Regional Conservation Partnership Program. LCCD’s Portable Skidder Bridge Program was developed to assist foresters and loggers on the upcoming Acceptable Management Practices.

Lamoille River Watershed Initiative

Community and partner organizations involved in the Lamoille Watershed Basin planning process recognized the need for a group to lead watershed-wide projects and created the Lamoille Watershed Association housed under the auspices of LCCD. Rather than forming another organization, LCCD took the lead for these watershed-wide efforts through the Lamoille River Watershed Initiative. Since that time, LCCD completes many projects throughout the entire Lamoille River Watershed annually. For up to date projects throughout the watershed, refer to the Lamoille Watershed Initiative page.

Resource Protection & Conservation Projects

LCCD collaborates with many partners to seek funding and support for locally driven valuable projects to insure the livelihood of our neighbors and to protect the health of the soil, water, lands, and wildlife in our community. We assist landowners in measureable ways to follow state and federal protocols and regulations. These projects are varied and are often realized through Local Working Group Meetings, an annual meeting of concerned citizens to help address natural resource issues and concerns. Included in these projects are municipalities and their counterparts, who are provided information and technical assistance on a variety of new Stormwater and Road Regulations from the VT Clean Water Initiative. Examples of these projects include our successful Trees for Streams Program, and equipment cost-share programs, including the Vactor and the Hydroseeder Shareholder Program, and the implementation of Green Stormwater Infrastructure projects.